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Sound Financial Group - Bothell, Washington


Wealth Design Process™

Philosophy & Introduction Conversation

In this meeting we share our financial philosophy and explain how it can enable you to make more sound financial decisions. Our commitment is to leave you with a valuable new way of thinking about your own financial strategy, regardless of whether or not you engage our firm.

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The Vision Clarifier

We review the data you provide to help you design a clear picture of both your current and ideal financial positions, including current opportunities and obstacles you are facing. We then discover together exactly how you arrived where you are. That information provides a valuable instrument as we chart a course toward your new vision of prosperity.

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The Fiscal Foundation

Using information you shared in The Vision Clarifier, we next focus on your basic goals and assess your current situation. This shows you how your financial position can be reinforced to protect you and your family against events that are beyond your control.

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The Alignment Navigator

In this next meeting we focus on developing your strategy, comparing and contrasting various financial options. This identifies potential outcomes that best align with both your short and long-term goals.

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The Implementation Strategies

Once we settle on your preferred strategies, we establish the systems and structures necessary to consistently bring your vision closer to reality.

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The Relationship Expander

We have now entered into a powerful ongoing conversation about wealth and your future. A key habit of highly successful people is continually engaging in conversations that reinforce their goals. We look forward to the opportunity to share this conversation with your friends and family to expand your circle of empowerment.

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