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Sound Financial Group - Bothell, Washington


The Vision Clarifier

Before reviewing your financial statement, we want to understand your life. Your money isn’t just a figure on a bank statement; it’s the platform from which you create your lifestyle. Most people have not yet cast a clear vision for how they would like the future to turn out for themselves and their families. In this meeting, we’ll assist you in clarifying where you are today and where you dream of being in the future.

The first half of this meeting we’ll help you create a clear description and image of the future you desire. Since achieving goals requires focus, diligence, desire and commitment, your vision must be a goal that you truly believe is worth reaching.

This vision will become your personal compass, a directional indicator guiding you to closely align the choices you make with your goals. Once those goals are set, we help you chart a life course that will be effective, secure and also inspiring.

If someone called you to get directions, the first question you would ask them is, “Where are you right now?” During the second half of this meeting we gather all the information required to establish your current financial position, including bank statements, credit cards, insurance, and investment statements. We use this data to develop strategies that are in alignment with your long-term vision.

Every journey has a beginning and clarifying your financial vision is the beginning of your journey toward achieving it.

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