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The Relationship Expander

The Legacy of Significance™ Process has now given you the powerful tools you need to change your financial future. Let’s face it; we live day to day in a world where money decisions are typically made by following a fad, through advice from a TV show or on a whim. If people talk about money at all, the conversation is most often about the lack of money, the dismal prospects for the economy or similar dis-empowering dialogue.

It’s easy to subconsciously adopt limiting thinking and negative financial habits when we’re constantly exposed to them. Conversely, habits and thoughts can change quickly when we’re involved in a dialogue that supports the achievement of our goals.

During the Legacy of Significance™ Process we have engaged in a powerful conversation that has already begun to change your beliefs about money and your vision of the future.

The final key to keeping wind in the sails of that positive momentum is to expand this conversation to include others in your family and social network.

By sharing this powerful process you will not only open the door for those you care about to achieve greater financial success, research shows you’ll accelerate your own wealth building journey. This step has proven to make a profound difference between individuals who stick with their goals and those who don’t.

Athletes, psychologists, authors, motivators and millionaires recommend that to get where you want to go, surround yourself with people who are going in the same direction. Build your network of friends engaged in this wealth building conversation and you will stick with your plan and attract the goals you set.

If you feel this process has been beneficial to you and that you’re better positioned to grow wealth than before, it would be a pleasure for us to present this same process to friends and family you feel would benefit and would continue this conversation with you. We look forward to the opportunity to expand your circle of empowerment.

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