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Sound Financial Group - Bothell, Washington


The Fiscal Foundation

For thousands of years those who have built up assets have taken measures to protect them. In the past this would appear in the form of walls, moats, or armies. If you were not protecting yourself it would have been obvious to you ... and also to those wanting to take your wealth from you.

Today, wealth may be reduced by circumstances. It can also be withered away through the gravity of eroding economic factors. Despite the profound importance of this part of your financial picture, it is often overlooked or not visited regularly enough for you to make effective choices.

In this meeting we will look at how you have protected yourself and your family against the financial losses due to:

  • Death
  • Sickness
  • Disability
  • Lawsuit
  • Market Risk
  • Increasing Taxes
  • Long-Term Care

The strength of your foundation will determine the stability of everything built from here forward. In our experience, if you do not look at these issues “up front” you might never address them. We have also observed an interesting phenomenon: when this component of your financial life is in place, new possibilities for growth and expansion of wealth open up.

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