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The Alignment Navigator

Alignment Navigator - Sound Financial Group Imagine if you were in a boat race and sailed off in one direction without knowing if you were heading toward or away from the finish line. It’s hard to reach your destination if you don’t aim for it.

People often purchase financial products in a random manner without making an assessment as to how those products affect their bigger financial goals. If they haven’t aligned their decisions with those goals their chances of succeeding are slim.

The Legacy of Significance™ process provides a simple and effective system for understanding how each decision affects the other and how your cumulative decisions become your life. Once you understand these relationships you are no longer setting sail aimlessly. Achieving the future you want becomes a matter of making decisions that most closely align with your goals.

Earlier we created your vision. In this part of our process we ensure your current and future strategies are consistent with that vision.Our team navigates you through the doldrums and into swift water by providing the tools, systems and information you’ll need to make goal-supporting choices every day.

Your Ideal Alignment Navigator Will:

  1. Build Maximum Wealth (without being “risk based”)
  2. Give you the ability to spend and enjoy your wealth, without running out
  3. If you wish, allow you to enjoy the maximum, and pass on wealth
  4. Help you be successful under the greatest variety of circumstances
  5. Put you in alignment with your vision for the future
  6. This meeting is repeated, if needed, comparing and contrasting potential strategies until you find those that you are comfortable implementing.

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