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Sound Financial Group - Bothell, Washington


Losing a Spouse

Many people who are exploring financial decisions especially looking, at financial institution's websites, tend to be looking for a single tactical solution for situations in life like how to plan for your and your children's future after losing your spouse. When they're looking for a solution, a single packaging life doesn't usually serve them as best as it could by putting together an entire financial strategy for the rest of their lives. We find many people, accumulate a set of tactics, almost like a financial junk drawer. They gather financial products throughout their lives, and haven't take the time to analyze if those strategies are working optimally together. 

Our commitment at Sound Financial Group is to take you, and your family through a process of setting a vision for where you want to be in the future. Then, set in place strategies that will help you Design and Build a Good Life. ®

Explore our Legacy of Significance™ process, or if you'd like to meet with one of our professionals, request a thirty minute exploratory phone call. Contact Us.