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Business Planning

When it comes to Business Planning many business owners aren't considering both playing for the business of all day on it, and planning for the business and away 11 to effectively retire from the business one day. What we encourage our business owners to do is to engage in the process of business planning. Planning for your current business ownership, planning for work gone wrong, and planning so that your family and your business could survive or grow without you. As well as planning for things going well.

In the video below, our president, Paul Adams, speaks at an entrepreneurial organization's (EO) talks, using a TED talk format about the kinds of things that get in the way of business owners building the right balance, not just in the business, but in their personal life as well. We encourage you to watch the video and open the conversation with one of our advisors about how the this sort of planning could affect you, and your business, allowing you to have a good life for the rest of your life."