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SFB093 Executives Burning Out on Entry

| February 27, 2018
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Episode Summary

Summer Anderson is an Executive Search and Executive Development professional at MiROR Partners. She has spent 20 years attracting and retaining executives for large Fortune 500 companies. Businesses engage her firm not only to find executives, but to also coach existing teams and new team members coming into new companies so the team operates at its best.

MiROR also helps corporations really think through its leadership architecture and about where their future state lies so they can plan on how they’re going to get there.

What Was Covered

  • 03:06 - Summer explains what her firm does to help corporations
  • 06:56 - Summer shares an example of the challenges a new CFO can face working in a different industry
  • 10:54 - Building a leadership architecture in order to avoid fall out when onboarding new executives into an organization
  • 14:07 - Aiming for the goal of a future state
  • 17:09 - A situation where MiROR Partners took on a non-optimal client
  • 20:40 - What can happen when someone new enters an organization
  • 23:36 - Why her firm coaches team members from the C-Suite level
  • 24:29 - The people that Summer and her firm help the most


"You’ve gotta make sure you’ve got the right folks onboard and also in a posture of communication."

"Take as much as the friction as you possibly can out and get crystal clear about what everybody is up to and where the bright line is"

"The other thing that can happen when somebody new is coming in is everyone folds their arms because they’re afraid that someones going to take their territory."

"We help companies that are going through growth, change, and crisis to get to a place where they are lined up for the kind of success that they’re really focused on."

"Anytime there’s change or major growth on the horizon, there’s gonna be some friction and that’s where we get to help them figure out, do they have the right team to get to where they intend to get to."

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