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SFB088 Will Your Brain Age Well with Dr. John Medina

| December 19, 2017
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Episode Summary

In this episode of SFB, Cory Shepherd joins Paul to speak with Developmental Molecular Biologist, Dr. John Medina. Dr. Medina is an affiliate professor of Bioengineering at the University of Washington School of Medicine and author of Brain Rules for Aging Well and several other books such as, The Clock of Ages. Tune in to find out what happens to our bodies after the age of 30, the different ways you can slow the aging process, the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and how you can keep your brain intact in your golden years. 

What Was Covered

  • 04:57 - Why he wrote Brain Rules for Aging Well
  • 06:20 - Dr. Medina explains the medical definitions of longevity, lifespan, and aging
  • 09:08 - The biological mechanisms of aging
  • 12:01 - If exercise and activity can help fight the aging process
  • 12:16 - “Wellderlies” like George Burns, Mike Wallace and Hugh Hefner
  • 12:49 - Ways you can slow down the aging process and age beautifully
  • 14:45 - How social interaction and physical touch helps the brains of the elderly
  • 19:21 - Dancing - the perfect trifecta in improving the brain and body
  • 21:27 - Dr. Medina explains executive function
  • 23:50 - How the human species has been the only species able to live past its prime
  • 26:45 - How practicing mindfulness can help the aging process
  • 29:38 - The Mindful Way by John Teasdale and some mindfulness practices
  • 34:14 - Nutrition’s role in healthy brain function
  • 38:03 - His book, the Brain Rules for Aging Well
  • 39:51 - Ways you can keep your brain active
  • 42:50 - Keeping your (empathetic) heart active
  • 44:24 - What Paul learned about helping others through SEAL Fit 20X


"How long you can live is directly associated with your genetics."

"If you want to age beautifully…you need to have lots of friends."

"Touch is an extraordinarily important component of mental health, particularly with depression and anxiety disorders."

"We know that mindful seniors have way fewer infectious diseases."

"You should put in your mouth everybody in southern Greece puts in their mouth because that stuff is gonna change your brain."

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