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SFB079 Transact or Die Part 1 with John Patterson of Influence Ecology

| September 19, 2017
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Episode Summary

John Patterson is the co- founder and CEO of Influence Ecology which is a specialized study that helps ambitious professionals satisfy their aims for work and money.

John is known for his leadership offering practical, compelling, and relevant educational programs, lectures, and interviews focused on personal, business, and management effectiveness and performance. 

What Was Covered

  • 03:05 - John shares the importance of transactionalism
  • 05:25 - What does transaction mean?
  • 09:31 - What does Influence Ecology teaches its members about conditions of life?
  • 12:56 - 3 Powerful Steps to do to satisfy the conditions of life to meet your goals.
  • 16:22 - What do results of our actions tell us?
  • 18:30 - The right actions lead to achievement.
  • 22:21 - Explains the meaning of current thought of the day, the notion of the moment and the quick fix pills.
  • 30:36 - Episode Recap and what’s in for part 2 with John


"Those who transact powerfully thrives, those who do not do very well at all."

"Transaction means series of reciprocal exchanges."

"There are consequences in the transactions of life."

"Results are measures. They are also indicators if your action is effective or not."

"The results that we produce are the feedback mechanism to redesign our practices."

"Tactics and strategies are resource dependent."

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