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SFB078 Living Lean with Chris Flugstad

| September 05, 2017
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Episode Summary

Chris Flugstad built his company, Cascade Link, on a bootstrap budget 15 years ago because he had no other choice. With not a lot of seed money to get it started, Chris needed to make do with what he had and in the process learned valuable skills on how to grow his business into a successful one which eventually put him into a position to sell it.

Chris took what he learned from building Cascade Link on a lean budget and lives his life the same way with great success. In this episode, Chris shares with us how he is able to have a modest cost of living of $26,500 per year, how patience is a key virtue to living the lean lifestyle, and several insightful tips on how to live lean and being content while doing so. 

What Was Covered

  • 02:29 - Cascade Link’s origin story
  • 04:26 - What set Cascade Link apart from its competition
  • 05:35 - Selling his business to Wave Broadband
  • 07:37 - His very lean cost of living amount
  • 08:23 - Making a game out of getting good deals and living lean
  • 09:56 - How learning to be patient is key to living lean
  • 12:33 - How he’s always purchased inexpensive used cars
  • 14:45 - Where he buys most of his clothes
  • 18:43 - Why people were standing in a long line on a recent cruise he took
  • 21:02 - The $2 experience vs the $20 experience
  • 21:51 - His response when people ask him, “What should I do?”
  • 24:35 - What he asks people who ask him, “Should I buy this?”
  • 28:49 - Why he doesn’t give advice when it comes to money
  • 33:43 - The importance of having a coach to strengthen what you’re weak at


"What I consider a deal is when I can purchase something at undervalue."

"Being patient or being able to understand and control your emotions…is one big part of being able to be frugal or lean."

"All the cars that I’ve ever bought except for three work cars…has been used."

"It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy."

"I buy most of my clothes, probably 90 something percent of it, all my shirts, underwear, socks, all from Costco."

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