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SFB077 Building Your Life that Works For You

| August 29, 2017
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Episode Summary

Bella Vasta is the owner of Jump Consulting, where she helps entrepreneurs in the pet sitting business grow their companies and achieve freedom and flexibility in their lives. She is also the creator and host of the podcast, Bella In Your Business, where she further explores and talks about what it takes to be a successful business owner.

Bella is the authority when it comes to building a pet sitting business and she is passionate about coaching her clients and sharing what she’s learned with them while instilling in them the confidence and knowledge they need to run a super niche and lucrative business.

What Was Covered

  • 03:42 - Bella’s background in pet sitting and how she scaled her business
  • 07:25 - The difficult pregnancy she went through with her daughter, Olivia
  • 09:48 - Selling her super niche pet sitting company after becoming a mother
  • 11:01 - Focusing on coaching and marketing after selling her successful business
  • 12:03 - How her daughter is doing today
  • 12:58 - Finding her groove with Jump Consulting
  • 15:20 - Self reflection and believing in yourself
  • 16:18 - How focusing on herself and her health led her to develop another niche market
  • 21:24 - Pet sitting businesses around the globe
  • 24:27 - The most difficult thing she helps new business owners deal with
  • 27:52 - The earning potential a new pet sitting business can make
  • 31:00 - Her next venture


"I think that everyone should have a coach."

"You’ve gotta know yourself and you gotta be true to yourself. And then you gotta believe in yourself."

"There’s these building stages that must happen, but if you build it with intention then you’re never working a day in your life."

"I find that people either do one of two things, they become a dictator or a pushover."

"The only person that’s ever going to tell you can’t is yourself."

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