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SFB076 Stop Should-ing on Your Money

| August 22, 2017
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Episode Summary

On this episode of Sound Financial Bites, I speak with Dr. Paul Conti. Dr. Conti is a General Psychiatrist, treating all aspects of mental illness and the impact of life stressors. He is a graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine and he served as Chief Resident at Harvard. Named one of Oregon’s top psychiatrists in 2008, he also has practices in Los Angeles, New York, and Portland.

Dr. Conti also provides business-related and legal consulting services to his clients and today he shares his knowledge of money and its impact on the human psyche. We talk about money being the new stressor in people’s lives, how powerful marketing tells us we aren’t good enough and need to do better, the problems more money brings and how to address them and how the seemingly innocuous word, ‘should’ is damaging our society. 

What Was Covered

  • 02:50 - More money, more problems. Money as the new stressor.
  • 06:56 - The issues people face when they reach a high level of wealth and what to look out for in your own life
  • 14:33 - The word, ‘should’ as our enemy and its damage on modern society
  • 19:42 - Money as a magnifier
  • 24:36 - When your problems don’t go away even when the money is flowing
  • 30:43 - The dangers of not delivering on the promises made before success and wealth
  • 32:35 - Living in the present to stay focused on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it
  • 34:10 - Missing the “moments of wealth” that are along the journey
  • 40:17 - Practical advice to help ground yourself and feel comfortable with your wealth


"I think it’s the idea that money solves problems that makes people feel… a sense of embarrassment over having it."

"What word encapsulates the most misery and damage in modern society? It absolutely is the word, should."

"We are assailed all the time by information that tells us that we should have more."

"I see people who are tortured by this constant feeling of insecurity and money does not protect a person from that."

"The biggest place for mental health in wealth accumulation is for all of us in staying well grounded."

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