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SFB074 Building and Assessing Value While Creating Autonomy Part 1

| August 08, 2017
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Episode Summary

Marek Omilian is the Managing Director at Value Prism Consulting, a professional services company based out of Seattle, Washington that values companies assets and does business case consulting. Marek has been in this field of work for over 25 years and in part one of this two part interview, we talk about valuations and he gives us some insight on the building of his own personal balance sheet.

What Was Covered

  • 02:08 - What Value Prism Consulting does and Marek’s background
  • 05:39 - The different reasons why valuations are needed
  • 07:32 - Profitability, Risk, and Growth
  • 11:38 - When a valuation turns out to be different than what was expected
  • 16:25 - What might be different for an owner if Marek educates them earlier on about their valuation
  • 19:29 - His insights on building his own personal balance sheet


"When we think about the value of the company…we think of it in terms of profitability, risk and growth."

"It’s frequently that we see this disconnect between what are clients expect the value to be and then what we come up with."

"What gets measured gets done."

"You shall never be wealthy without owning a significant piece of equity."

"I’ve always thought about my business and income from my business as an asset itself."

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