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SFB073 Bombings, Leadership, and Cultural Capability

| August 01, 2017
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Episode Summary

Kari Granger teaches leadership around the globe and consults with executives and organizations on performance. She has a Masters Degree in Leadership and taught leadership at the Airforce Academy. In 2005 she took on a leadership role in Iraq where she helped turn around an ineffective culture in record time and set mission ready records that left her superiors questioning its accuracy.

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What Was Covered

  • 03:28 - Her experience of arriving in Iraq in 2005 in a leadership position
  • 07:24 - Shifting her focus away from fear in order to lead her Airmen
  • 09:59 - What shifted for her as a leader
  • 13:18 - Why not all the emphasis and praise should solely be on the leader
  • 16:44 - The different places culture happens
  • 18:23 - How having “catalytic conversations” shifted their entire culture
  • 19:45 - The story of the Control Tower not believing her aircraft was 100% fully mission capable
  • 22:05 - How moods are deeply connected with the assessments that we have about our lives
  • 24:16 - Internal & external cultural environments and what she got wrong about leadership development
  • 30:28 - Selecting a “future state” to adjust for plans that don’t work out
  • 34:23 - The difference between asking someone to get something done and delegating a task
  • 46:07 - How she navigated through and flourished in male dominated environments


"There’s never a self-only invention there’s only ever co-invention."

"Many people think about culture as this amorphous thing that we can’t get our hands on."

"Moods are deeply connected with the assessments that we have about our lives."

"You can’t plan. There is no prediction. Life is full of these strange occurrences."

"People undervalue culture."

"We’re never really free from the history that shapes us."

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