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SFB069 What a 3 Foot Tall Man Can Teach You About Walking Tall

| July 04, 2017
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Episode Summary

The doctors who helped deliver Sean Stephenson into this world 38 years ago told his parents that he would be dead within 24 hours because of a rare bone disorder he was born with. Well, were they wrong! Despite this disorder and the challenges he has had to face in life by being confined to a wheelchair and being three feet tall, Sean has gone on to become a professional speaker where he has spoken in 17 countries and 47 different states in America. Sean is an empowering example to many people and as he states, was “born to rid the world of insecurity.”

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What Was Covered

  • 01:10 - Sean’s background and rare bone disorder
  • 04:04 - His views on self-pity
  • 07:57 - Addiction and its adverse effects on us
  • 12:04 - What is fair?
  • 15:36 - Choosing the pain you want
  • 17:01 - The doctorate he holds
  • 18:28 - The three minds: the conscious, unconscious, and higher conscious
  • 25:45 - “Sharpening his saw” and his four part process to continually improve his craft
  • 30:53 - Energy, imagination, and your life’s purpose
  • 34:13 - Getting people out of their “funk” or their F.E.D. and into their G.A.P.
  • 37:20 - and his How to Stay Positive When Life Gets Crazy ebook
  • 39:30 - Sean’s parting advice to everyone


"Sometimes the darkest moments are actually the brightest and what you think are the brightest are sometimes the darkest."

"I am not somebody you should ever feel sorry for."

"Self pity causes so many things to either never happen or to get worse."

"Fairness is an illusion, it doesn’t exist."

"I want the pain that comes from growth, not neglect and regret."

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