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SFB067 Questions from Aviv’s New Book, Create New Futures

| June 20, 2017
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Episode Summary

Aviv Shahar is a former fighter pilot of the Israeli military, host of the Create New Futures Podcast and author of the book, Create New Futures. Aviv helps company executives become transformational leaders and to create new futures. In this episode I speak to him about how your present and future can update your past and how understanding the idea of a complaint as an unmet need of others can help us address the concerns of customers and team members.

What Was Covered

  • 06:08 - How your present and future can update your past
  • 08:13 - Pope John Paul II and how he used television to spread his message around the world
  • 17:38 - The important lesson he learned from a former flight instructor
  • 23:43 - The importance of integrity and following through on your promises
  • 25:21 - The concept of complaint as a misdirected energy of an unaddressed or unmet need and how leaders can use this concept to relate to their team and customers
  • 29:04 - Why Aviv asks his clients to reframe their complaints and formulate specific requests in order to free them from their concerns
  • 39:12 - Aviv’s mission and core belief


"Your today can redefine your yesterday."

"I try hard…to walk my talk and to practice what I preach."

"A problem and a complaint is a state of mind."

"When you refuse or fail to walk your talk you can lose credibility; you can lose your reputation."

"People often give you a general statement of something that they don’t like which only reveals partially the issue, the concern or the unmet need."

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