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SFB060 Outrageously Priced by Design Part 2

| April 25, 2017
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Episode Summary

Paul Adams interviews Kevin Short, the Managing Partner & CEO of Clayton Capital Partners, and the author of Sell Your Business for An Outrageous Price. This is two of a two-part interview on Kevin’s process, and how he helps business owners get every last dollar from their hard-earned investment. Be sure to listen to last week’s episode before listening to this one!

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What Was Covered

  • 04:40 - It’s important to have a representative on your side when negotiating the sale of your business to corporate businesses.
  • 09:40 - When you have bidders bidding on the business, what’s the process to pick a buyer and close the deal?
  • 14:15 - What happens to the deal if one of the bidders doesn’t want to go all the way through with it?
  • 16:00 - How does Kevin develop a strong buyer environment with an eager buyer?
  • 22:00 - In this particular example, Kevin isn’t negotiating with the buyer, he’s crafting an environment of exclusivity that the buyer can not ignore.
  • 24:20 - The client upped their offer from $6 million to $12 million.
  • 25:15 - Kevin still turned down the offer!
  • 26:35 - Remember, you’re often dealing with professional buyers. They want to get the most bang for their buck.
  • 27:35 - Even up to the day of closing, these buyers still tried to re-negotiate the deal.
  • 29:55 - Want to buy a business? The same strategy applies. Figure out your exit strategy first.


"Control the behavior, work the price up, control the terms. Those are the 3 key things."

"You’re not going to be happy. You might even say something derogatory about my mother when I tell you the price."

"When you get into these high-dollar amount [companies], you’re not selling to somebody who’s new to the game."

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