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SFB055 The Media May be Misguided on Market

| February 14, 2017
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Episode Summary

Financial sectors and other media outlets have been reporting that a Donald Trump Presidency will badly affect the stock market. How true are some of these statements, though? To be clear, this podcast episode has nothing to do with Trump himself and his administration, instead, it dives into a biased financial media that profits off your moving your money elsewhere.

What Was Covered

  • 02:55 - This election season has been a very surprising one.
  • 03:10 - Katie Reiley of reports that Donald Trump will cause the stock market to fall.
  • 03:55 - This episode is not about Trump, it’s about the media’s conversation about the stock market.
  • 04:45 - Remember: Financial institutions benefit when you move your money.
  • 06:15 - Mark Cuban bet that the market was going to go down with a Trump win.
  • 07:20 - Stock market cautions don’t just come from the media, but they also comes from our well-intentioned uncle and neighbor.
  • 07:40 - We have to double-check opinions with facts and analysis.
  • 08:20 - Don’t let opinion force you to take an uninformed action.
  • 09:40 - Have clear financial goals, and then make informed decisions based on those goals.


"When we’re investing, the best thing we can do is first figure out our own personal strategy."

"Will [these claims] hold up to both math and scholarship?"

"It’s interesting to see how sure people are on what the market is going to do, and none of them really know."

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