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SFB053 Firing yourself as CEO with Charlotte Whitmore of Analytics Pros

| January 31, 2017
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Episode Summary

Charlotte and Caleb Whitmore founded their company, Analytics Pros, in 2009. Charlotte explains what it was like to have a fast-growing startup with no systems in place. She was tired, overwhelmed, and on the brink of being absolutely burnt out. However, she discusses how she was able to transfer the baton over to someone else with more experience, and why firing herself as CEO was the best decision ever.

What Was Covered

  • 02:05 - Why did Charlotte and husband start their company?
  • 04:00 - What does Analytics Pros do?
  • 08:10 - Charlotte currently has 55 employees working for her company.
  • 10:20 - Charlotte explains the importance of A/B testing.
  • 13:10 - Nobody really knows what results will work and what won’t, unless they test and tweak things.
  • 14:05 - What are some of the biggest mistakes people make?
  • 14:35 - Analytistics is hard to get right.
  • 18:55 - Certain information that your employees are exposed to could be considered insider information.
  • 21:35 - Two years ago, Charlotte felt like she was drowning in her company.
  • 23:40 - Charlotte explains how she found the right person to lead her company.
  • 31:25 - It was a really hard transition for Charlotte.
  • 33:50 - Systems take time.
  • 35:30 - What does life look like for Charlotte and her husband today?


"Clients are either making no decisions based on data or they’re making decisions based on bad data."

"This is a crucial enough decision I should not be googling the answer to."

"Systems take time. A lot of time. Painful amounts of time. Like, Months."

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