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SFB047 Build Your Aims for 2017

| December 20, 2016
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Episode Summary

Paul discusses the type of goals and clear vision you should be thinking about for the new year. He talks on how you should begin to set your aims for 2017, and encourages you not to just do it because someone told you to, but to do it because your future depends on the life you choose to create today.

What Was Covered

  • 00:50 - What do you want your next year to look like?
  • 01:55 - Feel free to reach out to Paul!
  • 03:30 - Oftentimes, people ‘plan for the future,’ because someone told them to.
  • 04:00 - Plan for yourself, not for others. Do not let the desires of others influence your goals.
  • 07:00 - When Paul talks about aims, what does he mean by that, exactly?
  • 07:35 - First things first: take care of your body.
  • 08:00 - How much time do you want to spend with your family?
  • 08:20 - What do you want your work schedule to look like? How many hours do you want to work?
  • 09:30 - Draft a plan of what it means for you to have a good life.
  • 12:10 - You’ll make more progress writing a plan/outline of what you want in life, than not writing one.
  • 13:00 - Now that you know what you want your personal life to look like, how much is this all going to cost you?
  • 16:40 - Find out how much you have to make every year, to fund your lifestyle and the lifestyle you want after you retire.
  • 18:55 - Your personal aims and financial aims tie into each other. You might actually find yourself needing to work less and still be financially okay!
  • 21:35 - By writing your plan out, you escape what everybody else thinks is the status quo to a ‘good life’.
  • 23:45 - Write out your personal, financial, career, and business aims.
  • 24:25 - Don’t flow with the current and let your future slide away!


"At the end of 2017, what do you want your body to look like?"

"What do you want your relationship with your family to be like in 2017?"

"What are the things that bring you deep joy, and what are the things that bring fulfilment?"

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