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SFB020 Build Wealth with Community Event

| June 16, 2016
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Episode Summary

Sound Financial Group (SFG) is excited to welcome you to Sound Financial Bites, where we bring you bite-sized pieces of financial knowledge to help you design and build a good life. During this unique episode, Paul Adams, CEO and President of Sound Financial Group was the Keynote Speaker at the Build Wealth with Community event. SFG designed their annual meeting to celebrate the year, while partnering with Gold Creek Church’s secular charity, Hope Creek, a nonprofit organization thathelps people in time of need. While listening to this episode, please find one piece of philosophy and put it into action immediately.

What Was Covered

  • 02:08 - How to create wealth on a daily basis.
  • 03:37 - Learn more about Gold Creek Church and Hope Creek Charity.
  • 05:02 - What are your moments of wealth?
  • 06:00 - Living a good life is giving you the ability to notice things you don’t see every day.
  • 09:23 - What three items should be your focus?
  • 09:43 - How can you have a narrative of a good life?
  • 11:03 - What are good life structures?
  • 13:10 - "The secret to your success lies in your daily routine." ~John Maxwell
  • 13:28 - What kind of habits do you practice regularly?
  • 17:45 - How do you build wealth with your community?
  • 19:40 - What does it take to build and hold that narrative?
  • 20:35 - Steps to follow to start engaging with your community.
  • 26:21 - Sound Financial Group helps suitable clients keep the money they are going to forfeit unnecessarily.


"Engagement with family from the moment you walk in the door is priceless."

"The narrative of a good life is the vision of the future."

"Living a good life is going to give you the ability to notice things you don’t see every day."

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SFB020 Build Wealth with Community Event - Transcription

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