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SFB019 SealFit 20X: What Are you Really Capable Of?

| June 07, 2016
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Episode Summary

Sound Financial Group (SFG) is excited to welcome you to Sound Financial Bites, where we bring you bite-sized pieces of financial knowledge to help you design and build a good life. On this unique episode, Paul Adams, CEO and President of Sound Financial Group, is joined by Alan Chaffee (Seattle Financial Consulting), Jeremy Ames (Guidant Financial), Benjamin Petter (Avara Construction), Steve Duffield (DACO), and Jay Mezistrano (JayMarc Experience),on board an excursion to Mission Beach. Tune in to hear about the physically and mentally challenging experiences they each endured during the twelve hour endurance program, SealFit 20X.

What Was Covered

  • 01:00 - What is SealFit 20X?
  • 01:36 - Learn about retired Navy SEAL, Mark Divine, developer of the program.
  • 05:00 - You need to prepare and motivate yourself by focusing on the positive.
  • 07:08 - Go above and beyond, don’t just train for the minimums in life. There are always going to be wins and losses. Just go for it!
  • 08:46 - We all come with our own strengths and weaknesses. If we only focus on ourselves, we will miss the opportunities.
  • 10:30 - Get out of your own self by helping others instead of dwelling on your issues.
  • 12:43 - Monitor your pace in the race of life to ensure you have enough energy throughout.
  • 14:25 - What does it mean to give 1% better?
  • 16:04 - What is the correlation between the 20X and daily life?
  • 18:45 - Don’t go through life just being satisfied, shift your mindset to life is more of a journey than a destination.
  • 19:50 - Are you a good leader?
  • 22:20 - Showing your kids your struggles it is not a sign of weakness; it is the reality of life.
  • 24:30 - How does 20X design and build a good life?
  • 31:50 - Take on significant challenges, it forces you to push against some resistance of something you haven’t done before building growth and confidence.
  • 33:25 - It’s a unique life experience this is a great team building exercise


"You should prepare and motivate yourself, focusing only on the positives."

"We all come with our own strengths and weaknesses. ; Iif we only focus on ourselves, we will miss the opportunities."

"Don’t think about how much time you have left, just celebrate the little wins as you go."

"Look at life more as a journey rather than a destination."

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SFB019-SealFit 20X: What Are you Really Capable Of?-Transcription

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