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SFB013 How to Recruit C-Suite Executive Superstars

| May 12, 2016
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Episode Summary

Sound Financial Group (SFG) is excited to welcome you to Sound Financial Bites, where we bring you bite-sized pieces of financial knowledge to help you design and build a good life. In the 13th episode, Paul Adams, CEO and President of Sound Financial Group, chats with Paul Freed, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Herd Freed Hartz, the largest retained executive search firm in the Pacific Northwest. Their primary concentration is recruiting C-suite executives that help companies attract the CEO, COO, and CFO. Tune in to hear all about recruiting executive level talent.

What Was Covered

  • 03:35 - What is the difference in the science and art of recruiting?
  • 04:30 - Why job descriptions are important.
  • 06:00 - Why the company and recruiting brand need to match.
  • 07:25 - What are the three components of a company’s mission?
  • 10:25 - Paul shares with us the stories behind zMAX and Guidant Financial missions.
  • 15:35 - How to add swagger to your job descriptions.
  • 18:22 - What are the top three outcomes?
  • 22:05 - Why Sound Financial Group’s concept of Design and Build a Good Life work.
  • 23:35 - What is the art, science and strategy of recruiting?
  • 26:20 - What is the difference between active and passive candidates.
  • 29:05 - The first step in recruiting should be mapping out the candidates’ experience.
  • 30:00 - 60% of companies do not reply to their candidates.
  • 31:35 - Find out how to use gift baskets or logos in the recruitment process.
  • 32:30 - LISTEN UP HIGH INCOME CANDIDATES!!! Learn what to do and how to change the outcome during the hiring process.


"People buy on emotion and justify with logic."

"You need to have swagger in your job description."

"60% of companies do not reply to their candidates."

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