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Podcast Episode 127: The Financial Storm and What Not to Do About It

| February 19, 2019
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Episode Summary

In this episode, Paul talks about the appropriate actions to take and ones to avoid to weather any financial storm that may come our way. Paul opens up the show by honing in on three factors: new year, rough markets and new behavior.

There has been a notable amount of negativity surrounding how people discuss the market from both the media and individuals. In the year ahead, however, Paul challenges us to not expose ourselves to this negative thought process regarding rough markets. Instead, Paul urges us to decontextualize the way we think about the volatility of markets as an opportunity rather than a threat. By maintaining a consistent financial strategy in both times of fortune and in times of downturn, we can capitalize and experience a greater return when the market inevitably rebounds.

Finally, Paul stresses the importance of building a portfolio that is both academically allocated as well as globally diversified. Employing this strategy will lead to a greater likelihood of success.

What Was Covered

  • 02:06 – Introducing today’s topic: Weathering the Financial Storm
  • 02:27 – Why constantly talking about a horrible market limits your behaviors
  • 05:12 – What to watch for in the new year ahead
  • 07:57 – Paul interrupts the podcast to provide the audience with a special offer
  • 08:59 – Paul reminds the audience that regardless of the storm, the sun will shine again
  • 10:03 – Paul urges those who may be on shaky financial ground to reach out to Sound Financial Group
  • 10:54 – The Greece financial crisis
  • 12:06 – The most important decision about your portfolio
  • 12:37 – Paul provides actionable advice for those looking to build a portfolio that is academically allocated and globally diversified


“What time has told us again, and again, and again is that market downturns are one hundred percent temporary.”

“What we may find this year or next year, but certainly over the next ten or twenty years, is that the market continues to rebound. And the reason the market rebounds is because there are entrepreneurs.”

“Regardless of the storm, the sun does shine again.”

“The market that’s talked about on the news, the market that’s talked about by the news pundits, does not put you in the best possible position for the long run.”

“It’s markets that make up a portfolio that’s academically allocated and globally diversified.”


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