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Podcast Episode 123: Near Misses, Actual Tragedies, & Disciplined Strategies, Part 1

| January 01, 2019
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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Sound Financial Bites podcast, host Paul Adams & co-host Cory Shepherd begin a three-part series sharing true stories of near misses, actual tragedies, and disciplined strategies from their combined 30 years of experience.

The case studies shared in this episode involve disability insurance, the power of cash flow, real estate decisions, making wise decisions in your white coat window, Backdoor Roth IRAs, and navigating through the downturn of 2008.

What Was Covered

  • 1:00 - Episode Overview
  • 3:10 - Giveaway: “Money: Where Humanity & Hard Numbers Meet”
  • 4:40 - Near Miss One: A jewelry store robbery
  • 6:20 - Financial protection, control, and cash flow
  • 6:50 - Near Miss Two: Losing a tenant on a multi-million property
  • 10:12 - Cash flow is king
  • 10:45 Near Miss Three: A physician and disability insurance
  • 14:00 - Ten years to reach your income level
  • 14:30 - Thoughts on the Roth IRA & backdoor Roth
  • 15:48 - Marles Mob, Fun Trust, & Sporgan Manly - private wealth groups
  • 18:03 - Near Miss Four: A horse & umbrella insurance
  • 22:40 - Near Miss Five: Paul Adam’s near miss in the real estate boom
  • 30:30 - Near Miss Six: Mutual life insurance & the 2008 financial crisis



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