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Podcast Episode 118: What You Don't Know... Is Hurting You

| November 20, 2018
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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Sound Financial Bites podcast, Paul Adams and Cory Shepherd discuss how seeing the big picture of the financial industry can strengthen your resolve to persevere through short-term fluctuations and set you on the path to definite financial independence.

Their conversation shares the not-so-secret motivations of financial institutions, debunks the myth of beating the market, and breaks down the world of mutual funds.

What Was Covered

  • 2:00-Sound Financial Bites’ free resources
  • 2:40 - Four rules in financial institutions
  • 3:40 - Secrets of the 401K
  • 5:00 - Three main themes from the four rules
  • 5:45 - Theme one: Survivorship Bias
  • 6:22 - World War II and applied war math
  • 10:30 - The lie behind “beating the market”
  • 12:40 - Distorted data in mutual funds
  • 16:05 - Theme two: The stock-picking game
  • 17:40 - Interpreting negative space: The myth of beating the market
  • 19:20 - Theme three: The real cost of owning mutual funds
  • 22:35 - Locking arms with undisciplined investors
  • 24:00 - Nobody is talking about this problem...
  • 26:09 - Practical applications
  • 26:50 - Trust the market, not the financial institutions
  • 29:30 - Standing firm and avoiding risks
  • 30:24 - New part of the show: Listener review highlights



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