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Podcast Episode 117: Stop Saving Money & Start Building Assets, Part 2

| November 13, 2018
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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Sound Financial Bites podcast, Paul Adam’s sits down with co-host Cory Shepherd to continue the conversation on the importance of assets in achieving a work-optional lifestyle.

Paul and Cory share a concise overview of season 4 for new listeners, talk about acquiring fun assets that still bolster wealth, and provide concrete advice about cash flow and the logistics of wealth-management.

What Was Covered

  • 1:46 - Review of episode 116 & overview of 117
  • 3:36 - How to have fun building assets
  • 6:20 - The ultimate asset: Your health
  • 9:00 - Accounting 101: Don’t commingle
  • 9:38 - Most people only spend 2 hours a year on long-term financial decisions
  • 11:16 - Definite Financial Independence (DFI)
  • 13:42 - The importance of cash flow in acquiring assets
  • 16:25 - Paul’s advice for H.E.N.R.Y. (High Earner Not Rich Yet)
  • 17:10 - Assets as an extra emergency fund



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