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Podcast Episode 115: Protecting Your Window, Part 2

| October 30, 2018
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Episode Summary

In this episode of the Sound Financial Bites podcast, Paul Adam’s sits down with co-host Cory Shepherd for part two of “Protecting Your Window.” They provide sound advice for maximizing the window of time around a significant income boost to protect you and your family and design and build a good life.

Paul and Cory’s dialogue focuses on the value of disability insurance, how to effectively plan wills and trusts, and the tried-and-true benefits of saving cash.

What Was Covered

  • 4:10 - Leaving your house in order
  • 4:37 - A review of disability insurance
  • 7:40 - True story about the value of disability insurance
  • 10:25 - The importance of sharing all the details with your financial advisor
  • 11:03 - Reach out to [email protected] for advice on your disability situation
  • 11:45 - The story of a client who maximized their white coat window
  • 13:03 - We’re all one doctor’s note away from never getting disability insurance
  • 14:14 - Tips for locking in the best disability insurance for life
  • 15:38 - Wills and trusts
  • 16:50 - Key decisions in estate planning: guardians, trustees, executors
  • 17:30 - Life insurance
  • 21:00 - How much would the bills change if you passed away?
  • 23:25 - The final protective measure: Cash
  • 25:20 - Sneak peek at episode 115’s content: why you need to stop saving money and start building wealth


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